School years

Bought my first guitar at 14 years of age after having been deeply faschinated by guitar oriented music since childhood. 

First concert was Steve Vai during his Ultra Zone tour and that led to me starting to save money for my first axe, an Ibanez 470. 

I already knew some basic guitar playing so not long after I could join a band in the  style of Iron Maiden, who also was a huge early inspiration. 

At 16 got in to music gymnasium Kulturama which had a big impact on my musicuanship and general music knowledge. At that school I met Ola Halén who joined the band I had at the time. We took the name he used for his solo recordings - Shadows Past. 

   During the gymnasium i started developing a home studio and quite early got a natural relation to recording and arranging in a modern  environment. 

18 and life

Shadows Past was a big thing in my lite after the school years. We wrote songs, played all gigs we could get and managed to establish a name in the Power metal culture.

In parallel with that I played with various cover bands at weddings, parties etc. Music covering most genres common in the west.

Also joined various metal bands for shorter sessions.

First album release

In 2013 I got to release the album Perfect Chapter with Shadows Past which was a dream come true looking at it through the eyes of the teenager who formed the band. The guitars were recorded in my former home studio and re-amped by Erik Mårtensson who engineered the album. 

Some years later I joined the band Scarblade for a couple of years, doing shows around northern Europe.